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F. A .Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your hourly rate? Do you offer discounts or group rates?

A: No, we do not offer any discounts or group rates. One set up per person, one charge is the rule. The shop rate is $150/hour plus GST. There are no hidden fees or supply charges. Touch ups are under a warranty of sorts: $40/hour plus GST for the first year (though some exceptions apply, such as coverups, tattoos where aftercare wasn't followed, certain body parts, white ink tattoos... These are discussed in the consultation phase).


Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: No, the studio is by appointment only, though we do our best to accommodate everyone interested as quickly as possible depending on the flexibility of their schedule. You can also follow us on social media, where we will post last minute availability due to cancellations to allow people to "beat the line" so to speak.


Q: Do you offer piercings?

A: I myself do not pierce, but Desired Image, the studio I work out of offers piercing services, jewelry changing and custom orders. You can reach them through

text at 780-975-9483 for appointments and inquiries.


Q: Are you willing to do coverups, redos, white ink, or UV ink tattoos?

A: With any of these "specialty" tattoos, there are disclaimers the artist will discuss with you depending on what you are interested in and what is possible in your specific situation (this mainly applies to coverups) but yes, both of our artists are very experienced in both coverups and white ink. See the portfolio for examples.


Q: Do you charge for consultations?

A: No, consultations and drawings are done free, though deposits are required for drawing viewings.


Q: What is the shop deposit policy?

A: Once you are booked in for a drawing viewing or an appointment to start your new tattoo, you will be required to leave a deposit that ranges from $100-$400 (depending on the size and complexity of the piece) to secure your appointments. It is NON-REFUNDABLE.

The deposit goes towards your last appointment (if we require more than one) unless you no show your appointment, miss multiple appointments or give insufficient notice (72 hours or less), in which case the deposit is then forfeit and another will have to be left before you can rebook your appointment.


If you cancel an appointment outside of 72 hours of your appointment, your deposit remains on your client file until an appointment is rebooked. 

It will then still go towards the total of your finished tattoo.

Q: Why is a deposit necessary?

A: We take deposits to ensure people take their appointments seriously. Once an appointment is booked, getting paid for that time, day or multiple days (for larger pieces) relies on a client up holding their appointment date. If people don't show up, it isn't fair to the artist, or to other clients waiting on spots. 


Q: What should I do before my appointment?

A: Make sure you are well hydrated and have had a good night sleep. It may sound campy, but it really makes a difference. Eat a big meal and if you will be in the studio for an extended time, please bring snacks. Shave and exfoliate the area we are tattooing the day before to reduce irritation the day of. Wear appropriate clothing for the area you are having tattooed (ie don't wear a pull over without a tank top underneath if you are having your shoulder blade tattooed, bring shorts for thighs, etc). 


Q: Do you tattoo people underage? What if they have parental consent?

A: We do not tattoo any one under age whatsoever. A parent couldn't sign for their underage child to get into a bar, or to vote or to buy liquor and the same rule applies at the shop. 


It never hurts for a young individual to take some extra time in the planning and consideration of their future pieces and we recommend everyone waits until they are of age before venturing into a studio. That being said, we will happily do pre-birthdate consults and booking so they can get work done as soon as they are of legal age.


Q: Can I bring a friend? How many people can I bring with me?

A: Of course! The studio is small though, so please limit your guest list to only one or two people. Also, please do not bring children under 14 years of age into the shop with you.

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